Mainline Technology

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Mainline Technology


One of the underlying concepts in the Q- Graphic Novel Universe is that the more advanced (usually older) civilizations will have proven the existence of the Creator. Primitive civilizations seek to explain phenomenon with science (faith in principles) or religion (principles based on faith). Mainline civilizations are aware of the purpose of existence and accept the existence of the omnipotent, omnipresent Creator.

Mainline Technology is expressed in a math/music language called Sola. Sola formulas become more accurate and powerful depending on the amount of variables accounted for. A Sola equation that accounts for all possible variables is  called a Mainline Calculation. A Mainline Calculation both predicts and causes an event. While the will of the Creator equals causality, it requires a bank of dozens of planetoid sized quantum computers running parallel for years to create a Mainline Calculation that covers a nano second.

 Time is a feature of our universe. There is a Main Line of time. If a time traveler visits the past and inadvertently or directly alters history, an alternate timeline is created. Alternate timelines are temporary and will eventually feed back into the mainline which can never be altered.

What is the sharing?

The sharing is the name of the Q graphic novel’s blog.

One of the underlying concepts in the Q graphic novel universe is that all the life essence energy for a universe is made available at the time of that universe’s creation event.  All souls in a universe are therefore the same age.  After a universe creation event, when the galaxies form and sentient life arises, souls (Data Collectors) begin indwelling them and recording life span data.  When that physical universe returns to its original state, all the data collectors then exchange their experiences with the Creator, all earlier collectives and each other.  This exchange of information takes place in the original dimension and is called, “The Sharing”.  A Sharing cycle coincides with the physical beginning and end of a universe.  So as one crop of data collectors finishes networking, another physical universe ends and deposits its crop and a new universe (Harvest) is created.

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