The Ogon Empire had ruled the Milky Way Galaxy for a million years. Then a coup of scientists, called the Nari, used Mainline Technology and an army of unstoppable robots to dethrone the Ogons. After gaining control of the Empire, the Nari quickly instituted the Galactic Games.

The Galactic Games is a galaxy-wide tournament of brutal combat matches between sentient beings, culminating in the crowning of a Galactic Champion.

The Nari Empire continued conquering new star systems and expanding until finally, it has reached the planet EARTH.

In the final days preceding the Earth’s conquest, one man would be chosen by the collective consciousness and given the power needed to defeat the evil overlords.              .

Taken back with the first alien ship to make contact with our planet, William Rivers is thrust into the Galactic Games.

William is met by a leader of the rebellion and told of his destiny, to lead the final revolt as the new Galactic Champion. He is torn by the choice of dooming his own planet (the price of disobedience), or turning his back to the plight of a trillion other worlds.

William’s more immediate threat is survival. Even under the guidance of his trainer, he struggles to master the use of his new powers while facing ever more powerful opponents.

As William’s skills increase, his reputation grows among the Galactic populace. He is given the nickname: Q.