What is the sharing?

The sharing is the name of the Q graphic novel’s blog.

One of the underlying concepts in the Q graphic novel universe is that all the life essence energy for a universe is made available at the time of that universe’s creation event.  All souls in a universe are therefore the same age.  After a universe creation event, when the galaxies form and sentient life arises, souls (Data Collectors) begin indwelling them and recording life span data.  When that physical universe returns to its original state, all the data collectors then exchange their experiences with the Creator, all earlier collectives and each other.  This exchange of information takes place in the original dimension and is called, “The Sharing”.  A Sharing cycle coincides with the physical beginning and end of a universe.  So as one crop of data collectors finishes networking, another physical universe ends and deposits its crop and a new universe (Harvest) is created.

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